Correspondence Writing

I am sure every one of all readers has heard the name correspondence writing or simply correspondence whether it is in the news or reading in the papers. People seek the help from correspondent writers with the following objectives

Correspondence can be summaries of a specific subject matter that relate directly to events occurring in the real world.

The main types of correspondence are research letters reporting cases or original research and the letters commenting on articles. For the published letters to report cases the writers are required to provide a short abstract of about 50 words at maximum and not exceeding 10 references.

They can also provide a short biographical sketch of the content in question. The letters themselves should not exceed more than 800 words in the body section and they should be in the essay format.

For the letters used in commenting on articles, they have a maximum of 300 words and only about 5 references. The Idea of the few words lies in the fact that they may be published in the newspapers. Correspondence writing is not limited to specific form of papers.

There can be correspondence summaries, reviews opinionated commentary, and suggestions.

To better understand this consider that you are responding to a certain news article or magazine story you read and feel it fails to meet the expectations or you would like to provide a different angle for the readers and the writer.

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