The Art of Commentary Essay and Paper Writing

Do you know what a commentary paper is? or are you wondering how to write a commentary on an article or a newspaper outline and have you asked yourself what are some of the sentences that would make a commentary paper?

We would be glad to help by giving you an outline of the same, but for starter we need to substantiate between a summary and the commentary to avoid a common confusion that exists between the two

Definition of a Commentary

My definition of a commentary is that it is a view or a specific account of any event or a performance which happens through offering explanatory provisional notes, which is guided, by personal views.

There are several types of commentary paper that our tutor use the majorly of which are brainstorming techniques.

In writing a commentary paper there some rules that we take into account the meeting on the avoiding subjective phrases, maintaining a 2;1 ratio on a commentary and summary and of course following the instructions that one has been given by the client or in your case the teacher or instructor. An example of a sentence that account as a commentary is

An Example of a Commentary

“Nicklaus Michaelson gets easily agitated noticing everything around him and allowing him to plot revenge. The create of the character Nicklaus saw it wise to have him as the protagonist of the original series”

If you have watched the series, you would know who Nicklaus is. You will notice and am not giving you a summary in fact am actually explaining concept but I have quoted a piece of the series, which accounts for the summary.

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