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Ending hunger – U.S. Agency for International Development

Technology, Policy, and Problem Solving

For this Assignment, you will write a draft proposal to the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to implement an existing technology to end hunger in any single developing nation anywhere in the world.

Be sure that your proposal includes these elements.


Conduct internet research to write a referenced introduction that explains the mission and purpose of the USAID.

Explain why helping the country you have chosen is a good fit for the ASAID’s mission and purpose.

Problem Statement

Conduct research to provide a referenced description of the causes of hunger in the nation that you have chosen.

Include statistical data about the population of the nation, how many are hungry, and death rates due to hunger.

Technology as a Solution to the Problem

Give a referenced explanation of how an existing technology could address those causes.

Provide an example of how implementation of this technology has previously worked to alleviated hunger in different nation.

Project the cost of implementing the technology.

Identify who you think should own, maintain and implement the technology that will be initiated to end hunger in this developing nation.

Discuss at least one potential collaborator who could share the cost of implementing and maintaining the technology to end hunger.


Explain how the implementation of technology that you propose would help meet USAID mission while ending hunger in the nation.

The Draft Proposal must be 5 pages long, including the cover page, content pages, and reference page. You must cite at least three credible references. Each element of the proposal must have at least one citation to a reference listed on the Reference page. Government agency (.gov) and international relief organization (.org) websites are the recommended references for this Assignment.

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