My Financial Plan For My Future Life

My Financial Plan For My Future Life
My Financial Plan For My Future Life

My Financial Plan For My Future Life

  • Tell me how you plan on getting from your current situation in order to achieve your short term goals, then what you plan to do after you achieve it.  Afterwards go on and tell me about your career plans.
  • What are your intermediate goals, how do you plan on achieving it, what obstacles are there?  What are your long term goals, how are you planning on achieving it, what obstacles are there? Any alternative plans?
  • Are you planning to get married? Have children? How many children? Being a stay-home parent? Buy a house somewhere? A few horses instead?  Retire in Florida because of taxes?
  • Provide a detailed explanation on your past, or current cash flow, what your future cash flow will hopefully be like.  What areas do you think need improvements (e.g. increase savings, stop discretionary spending, use coupons and wait for sales more, get a second job, get better at delayed gratification, move in with my parents, etc…)  and what techniques have your learned in order to accomplish that?
  • Use what you’ve learned in class,(and out of class…if necessary) in order to create your financial plan. Include a budget, savings plan, banking and investing, credit cards, identity theft awareness,  taxes, loans, insurance (life, auto, home, disability, long term care), retirement, estate planning, things that you learned from guest speakers, classmate presentations…etc…
  • What are your backup plans? ( Plan alternative routes to accomplishing your goals or dealing with challenging circumstances).
  • Your personal analysis and conclusion.

REMEMBER I want you to be specific and detailed about your plans.


Here is how it will be graded: 

  1. a) Includes savings plan, banking plan, investing plan, credit plan, tax planning, insurance, retirement, etc…

—–tying them into your goals

  1. b) Understanding of material concepts and self-actualization of your own situation (what may work for others, might not work for you, vice versa…)
  2. c) Self-assessment of financial situation and self-problem solving (how can you overcome this obstacle?)
  3. d) self-accountability and the ability to plan ahead
  4. e) back up planning (Plan A, Plan b, Plan c, etc…)
  5. f) evaluating goals and priorities and seeing if they are realistic or do they need to change, or if they need to be revisited later

Example on how to start (always start with your history and then current situation): I am currently 28 years old and a senior at Rutgers… My short term goal is to graduate with my bachelors.   I would like to graduate in two years and start working in X company.  Currently I have Y amount of student loans and live off-campus.  I make Z amount, but I end up spending it all and am unable to save.  Sometimes I end up running out of money and putting things I need (and some things that I don’t need) onto my credit card that has an interest rate of 16%.  I want to graduate debt free, but it will be hard.  I’ll probably have to get a second job and it might make sense for me to move in with my parents so I can save.  Right now I can probably work  an extra 10 hours a week, on the weekends mostly.  If I make minimum wage, then I could save at least 25 dollars a week or 100 dollars a month, which is 1200 dollars a year. I think that is manageable and I could also try put it in to an Roth IRA.  My savings account is horrible!  It give me only 0.50% in interest right now, plus I get a fee for overdraft.  I should change banks.  I remember doing the banking project for class and there is a bank near me that offers better terms and rates…etc, etc…

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