SOC analysts – Threat assessment using FAIR methodology

You can choose 1 of the following topics:

China Chopper Scans
Peppa Pig Scans
Port 3389
Port 9530
C99 Web Shell
Petya and PetyaWrap
Wicked (Mirai Variant)
Miori (Mirai Variant)
Assuming you have chosen one of the above topics, do the following: You are currently working in a research wing for a standard SOC (Security Operations Center).

The SOC keeps analytics on the current trends within the network.Your team will be assigned a current issue that has been seen at the border of the network, trying to infiltrate the organizations network/systems.

Upon being assigned your item, it will be your job to go out and search OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) for more information on the attack being observed.

This could be a single port number, a series of attacks that has been identified, or an IP address to research and identify; Your deliverable will be a 5 page APA style research report with your findings (excluding title and reference pages).

Discover current attacks being performed through this port, or current state of a known scanning suite. Find sources, if possible, source code of attacks that are known to exploit this weakness and break down the code.

List known services on the affected ports that are associated and current attacks being performed on these services (list any CVE findings and briefly list and explain). Look at SNORT rules that watch for these attacks and list that SID.

Finally, to wrap-up your research, present the current risk level associated with this threat.Use the FAIR methodology to derive your threat assessment.The attached FAIR PDF will walk you through your analysis.

Few instructions on how to write/complete the FAIR document:

Step 1:Asset at Risk will be the organization’s primary e-commerce web server.

Step 2:You will provide this answer based on your research.

Step 3:You will provide this answer based on your research; however, keep in mind how many times per day this is scanning the network.

Step 4:You will provide this answer based on your research.

Step 5:Assume the e-Commerce server is fully up-to-date and running the following base software:Red Hat Linux, Apache, MariaDB, Drupal, PHP and is hardened based on base NIST recommendations for operations.

Step 6-7:Calculate

Step 8:Assume Moderate

Step 9:Assume Moderate

Step 10:Calculate and create this chart in excel with the appropriate item highlighted. Include this chart in your paper and presentation.

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