Consumer Protection/ Antitrust Legal Environment In Companies

The following five (5) companies have been in the news due to either a consumer protection or antitrust problem. Select ONE of these companies from the first column as the subject of your paper and Assess the legal environment of business, Explain how ethical frameworks shape business decisions and Assess laws applying to antitrust and consumer protection.

Assignment Prompt:

You are provided source links in the table about the company to get you started. You will

need to do more research about the company as well as the ethical frameworks and applicable law.

CompanyFact sources to get you startedComments/additional sources
Southern Rail, U.K. (Consumer issue)  Little, S. (2018, January 16). Southern Rail voted UK’s worst train service for third year in a row. Independent. Retrieved from business/news/southern-rail-uk-worsttrain- service-2017-third-year-row-whichthameslink- great-northern-a8162516.html  Additional citation for you for facts: Stauffenberg, J. (2016, August 18). Two girls hit as ceiling collapses on Southern Rail train. Independent. Retrieved from /home-news/southern-rail-train-ceiling-roofcollapse- commuters-two-girls-injured-hita7197541. html For other issues, think creatively: explore employment, workplace safety (a subset of employment), tort of negligence (what duty is owed passengers?), defamation, —- remember this company is in U.K.  
Google (Antitrust)  Google faces antitrust fine from EU over Adsense. (2019, March 15). Pymnts. Retrieved from 2019/google-antitrust-fine-eu/  Note this is EU antitrust law. Google is rich ground for finding other areas of law to discuss. Consider such topics as privacy, contract, defamation, intellectual property, employment  
Rent-ACenter Business (Consumer)  Eiserer, T. & Smith, M. (2018, May 23). That couch you’re sitting on could land you in jail. WFAA. Retrieved from cal/investigates/that-rented-couch-youresitting- on-could-land-you-in-jail/287- 556666587 and Complaints and accusations of abusive collection practices pile up against Rent- A-Center. (2017, November 15). MarketWatch. Retrieved from omplaints-and-accusations-of-abusivecollection- practices-pile-up-against-rent-acenter- 2017-11-15  This is in Texas. You might take a look at possible prosecution of Rent-A-Center in California. Not clear this is all the same umbrella company, a franchise, or just common practices by same type companies in TX, but I suspect it is RAC. Take a look at the second article I listed in VA. Tons of issues here. For other the legal topics, consider contract, defamation, trespass, criminal law, and other torts (research these how these apply)  
Apple (Antitrust)  Spotify v. Apple Vincent, J. (2019, March 13). Spotify files antitrust complaint over “Apple tax.” The Verge. Retrieved from 18263453/spotify-apple-app-storeantitrust- complaint-ec-30-percent-cutunfair And Lapowsky, I. (2019, March 13). Spotify’s Apple complaint cuts to a core antitrust issue. Wired. Retrieved from complaint-warren-antitrust-issue/    For the other topics, look into Apple’s employment practices, contract practices, privacy protections, corporate social responsibility, ethical code, etc.  
Heritage Pharmaceuticals (Antitrust)  Associated Press. (2016, December 15). 20 states sue 6 makers of generic drugs, alleging conspiracies to manipulate prices. L.A. Times. Retrieved from generic-drug-antitrust-20161215- story.html  This has morphed from a couple of drugs to a cartel of 300 drugs involved. See this one: Rowland, C. (2018, December 9). Investigation of generic ‘cartel’ expands to 300 drugs. Washington Post. Retrieved from ess/economy/investigation-of-generic-cartelexpands- to-300-drugs/2018/12/09/fb900e80- f708-11e8-863c-9e2f864d47e7_story.html? noredirect=on&utm_term=.69e8e9f9d684 For other areas of law, look into employment, contract, ADR, securities, intellectual property  
Review Legal Issues In Companies

When you have selected your company, research and cover the following points in a well written

essay. Use APA format and topical headings.

1. In an introductory paragraph identify the company, the topic and a well-crafted thesis statement.

2. Briefly describe the company and the nature of its business and corporate business

environment. Do not spend a lot of time on the history of the company, but do describe

sufficiently to create meaningful context. This should only need to be a paragraph.

3. Research, define and discuss the legal issues and regulatory environment for the

company’s consumer or antitrust issue. (i.e., What are the laws involved?) Include case


4. Ethical dilemma and frameworks: Identify the ethical dilemma that the company presents

with respect to its antitrust or consumer problem. This should be encapsulated in a single

sentence. Evaluate two ethical frameworks with respect to the company’s management’s

decisions that led to the situation. One of these should be the ethical framework you

identify as the framework the company followed in its decision-making. The other should

be a contrasting framework that might have produced a different situation for the


5. Other legal topics that relate to the company’s business: Also, clearly define and

evaluate three (3) additional legal topics (NOT antitrust or consumer protection) that we

covered this term — and that are explained in your text and required readings, and apply

them to the company’s business. (Hint: Review the legal topics in the textbook and cite to

the text in your analysis. We covered many subjects. Examples: contracts, torts,

product liability, bankruptcy, securities & stocks trading, employment issues, defamation,

privacy, ADR, etc. Include illustrative case law.)

6. General recommendations for business leadership and managers that you have learned

from this study (not just for the company you have selected, but for running a business).

7. Conclusion.

8. References list

Further Guidance:

1. Write a well-supported analytical essay critiquing the company, its operations, and the

ethical dilemma it caused. Discuss the legal issues and concepts identified and make

recommendations for management. LENGTH: – See RUBRIC.

2. Number of sources: See RUBRIC. Exemplary level of performance states 7 sources,

none of which from excluded sources.

3. Proper citation and references formatting must be in APA 7th Ed.

4. Papers that do not include appropriate in text citations will lose points.

5. Dictionaries, encyclopedias — including Investopedia — Wikis, and the like, and Internet

generic quick-answer websites are not acceptable to populate your Reference list. Use

your text, required readings, and other scholarly sources.

6. Review the Grading Rubric.

7. Organize your paper with appropriate subheadings.

8. Do not write in 1st or 2nd person. Paper must be written in 3rd person.

9. Do not use contractions.

10. All sources on Reference’s list must be correctly cited in the text of the paper and vice


Turn It In

Your paper will automatically refer to Turn It In upon submittal. If you obtain a report above 15%

(excluding reference list and direct quotes), you must review the cause and rewrite and resubmit to

fix the problem. Further, as to direct quotes, these must be in quotation marks with the source

properly cited. No more than 10% should attribute to direct quotes. Submit a draft of your paper

before the due date to test it for Turn It In. You are permitted multiple submissions for this purpose.

Papers must be submitted in MS Word.

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