The Satan's gang - Committing homicide using a hammer

The murder of five homeless people in the same way and in the same two places is not a coincidence. The murders might be related and people who have committed the crime might have the same motive.

Part 1 Ė Analytical questions

1.      Did Mel Melgoza killed one of the homeless men?

As there is no information about Mel Melgoza, no witnesses and no reports that may indicate Mel Melgoza have killed one of the homeless men. So there is a need of more investigation about Mel Melgoza that might lead to more evidences.

2.      What is the required method of killing to join the Satans gang?

According to the investigation reports, we know that in order to join the Satans gang is to commit a homicide, but what is the specific method or tools used when killing?

3.      When did Julio Lemon specifically joined the gang?

To specify the timeline of the murders and to identify which victim he killed.

4.      How the method needed to kill the homeless men part of the way Satanís gang members kill their victim?

There is a must to investigate more in identifying the killing method of the Satanís gang members in order to connect them to the murder of the homeless men. 

5.      Who killed Serge Nazif? And there is any report or witnesses of the murder?

As there is no positive identification of Nazif when thought to be seen with Jose Velez and Gassar, there are no reports or evidence collected to at least have a suspect.

6.      Where were the suspects during the time of murders?

As the two places of murders (State street bridge and Union Station) are less than a mile apart, there should be a further investigation to know where the suspect were in the time of murder.

Part 2 Ė Hypothesis 

-          To join the Satans gang, a person should commit a homicide, and they should use a hammer as a tool for killing.

-          Greg Dudder have murdered Aaron Korda to join the Satans gang.

-          One of the suspect might be a serial killer who murders homeless people with hammers.

-          Jose Velez have killed both Victor Gassar and Serge Nazif but committed the murder of both in two different places. 

-          Julio limon have murdered Rubin Boxley as he was seeking membership to the gang and got approved.  

The Satan's gang - Committing homicide using a hammer

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