American Health Care - Access to Health Care/Equity

FINAL ASSIGNMENT: American Health Care, Summer 2 June- August 2020

Topic/Issue Choice Each student will select a topic from the following:

Access to Health Care/Equity

Older Adults/Elder Care/End of Life

Special Populations (Disability; LGBTQ; Indigenous Populations)

Social Determinants of Health

This assignment has three components:

1.         Health in the News article - [10%]

2.         Virtual Live Presentation (Weeks Five and Six virtual discussion periods) [10%]

3.         Reflection paper (3-5 pages) that highlights additional research on your assignment topic and addresses any questions raised during the in-class presentation; it could also include policy recommendations (Due Week Eight (Finals Week) [20%]

Part 1: Health in the News

Students will select a news article or issue related to one of the given topics in the media, academic or professional journal, or similar source.  You will then prepare a 2-3 page submission that includes a brief summary of the article, including its main points, key sources, etc.  The paper should identify issues to be further examined in part 2 of the assignment.

Articles can be found in major newspapers, Kaiser Health News, StatNews, Health Affairs. 

Part 2: Presentation

Students will briefly present (no more than 10 minutes) on the chosen article/issue. The presentation will be done via Zoom to the Professor and TA.  Presentations can PowerPoint, Prezzi, a single slide, or any other form including just a verbal presentation.

The presentation must address the following:

-     Reminder of the source of article/key issue to be discussed

-     Any important context and/or history that may help frame the issue

-     Relevance and connection back to the course materials/discussions

-     Commentary on the issue.

This includes an analysis of the topic utilizing information from the News article as well as independent research, and can include questions, recommendations, etc.

Part 3:

Students will write a 3 to 5 page reflection paper that highlights your topic and specifically why you choose it, what you learned both from the article and additional research on your topic, and addresses any questions raised during the presentation; it could also include policy recommendations. As this is a reflection paper, it can be written in the first person if desired.

American Health Care - Access to Health Care/Equity

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