Time of Day and Productivity - Analysis in Panel


Read the paper “How the Time of Day Affects Productivity: Evidence from School Schedules” by Nolan Pope.

(a) What is the question the authors seek to answer?

(b) Why is it difficult to answer this question empirically?

(c) Using the notation in Equation (1) of the paper, write a “simplified” pair of regression equations that correspond to the analysis in Panel A of Table 4. “Simplified” here means that you should include only one independent variable (i.e., omit the control variables and fixed effects). Explain which coefficients in your regression equation correspond to the values in the first (“Morning for Females”), second (“Morning for Males”), and third (“Difference”) rows of the table.

(d) How can you conduct the same analysis from (c) into a single regression equation? Explain how to map between the coefficients from the regressions in (c) to your new regression equation.

Time of Day and Productivity - Analysis in Panel

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