Cyber-security leadership, communications - Managing cyber risk

As you have learned from this course, cybersecurity leadership and communications lies at the epicenter of managing cyber risk. Without effectively assessing and communicating cyber risk, the organization can be lulled into a false sense of security.

This can be amplified by beliefs such as “we are not a target”, often voiced by organizations. In reality, in cyberspace, there are no borders and there are no special attributes that mark a target except that they appear vulnerable to attack.

Based upon your research and using the material learned from this and prior lessons, you should be able to synthesize these conflicting messages within an organization, identify those that are restricting cyber preparedness and overcome the barriers to adoption and rigorous exercise of cybersecurity best practices to create an organization that is resilient to cyberattack.

The paper should include the following information:
A title page with the title and paper author A table of contents Write-up of 8 pages comprising the following sections:An executive summary that introduces the topic to the audience but does not present any conclusions Research on the topic Conclusion including a recommendation on how this might help address the problem presented.

Write a 8 page research paper on the issues that should be addressed by a cybersecurity leader that brings together the topics of cyber threat intelligence and cyber resilience. You should fully cite all your sources, using APA guidelines for writing and citations.

Cyber-security leadership, communications - Managing cyber risk

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