Public health campaign - Educating a target group about STIs.

1) Imagine you have a job for the Minnesota Department of Health, and you have the task to lead a public health campaign about educating a target group about STIs.

One part of this position is creating a brochure to hand out or a website to direct the audience to about bacterial and viral STIs.

2) For my preference, please create brochure.

3) For this assignment, make either a brochure or an online site (like Google sites, a Prezi or a blog) with information about BOTH chlamydia and HPV.

The information presented should include how the infection is transmitted, possible symptoms, treatment options, and estimated number of people with the infection.

4) Must use the text, CDC, MN Department of Health and you must cite your sources (up to 5 to 6 sources can be used but 2 to 3 works fine). This must include language specific to the target audience-readers should be able to tell the target audience.

Public health campaign - Educating a target group about STIs.

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