Positive outcome of COVID-19 work force - Healthcare

Case Study #3

1.  Review the following case

2.  Diagnose the condition/s

3.  Answer the questions related to this case

My calf muscles are cramping, and it really hurts.

Patient self-report:

A healthy Australian woman arrives at your clinic and explains that she just arrived from Australia to the United State yesterday. When the airplane landed, she was experiencing some light cramping in her calf muscles but that cramping manifested into uncomfortable pain in her lower legs that prevented her from sleeping. She thought is would be best to be seen because her legs stated appearing red and feeling warm.


Upon further examination, the patient is also experiencing shortness of breath, some chest discomfort  with shallow breathing that intensifies with deeper breaths. During the examination she started feeling dizzy and manifested tachycardia.


Given the symptoms above what would your diagnosis for this patient be?


1.       What is your initial diagnosis based on just the self-reported symptoms?

2.       Based on your initial diagnosis from question 1 and the symptoms revealed after your additional examination; what is your more specific diagnosis for this patient?

3.       Based on your overall diagnosis, would you recommend this patient return to her home in Australia immediately for treatment or should she remain in the United State for treatment?


1 page (275 words) Double spaced

Type of paper: 

Other (See paper instructions) Possible checklist Undergraduate (yrs. 1-2)


Health Care


Implications of External Influences

Sources to be cited: 


Paper format: 


Paper instructions: 

This is a team assignment. I only need one on in a hospital what are the positivity effects of COVID-19 and how it effects work force in healthcare. I also need you to include a recruitment strategy that pertains to the positive outcome of COVID-19 work force in healthcare.

DO NOT USE Working Remotely because it is already taken by a team member.

Positive outcome of COVID-19 work force - Healthcare

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