Philosophy/Theory/middle-range theory - Describing Nursing

Paper instructions: In a Microsoft Word document of 5 pages formatted in APA style, describe your personal approach to professional nursing practice.

Be sure to address each one of the following criteria:
Which philosophy/conceptual framework/theory/middle-range theory describes nursing in the way you think about it?Discuss how you could utilize the philosophy/conceptual framework/theory/middle-range theory to organize your thoughts for critical thinking and decision making in nursing practice.

Formulate and discuss your personal definition of nursing, person, health, and environment.Discuss a minimum of two beliefs and/or values about nursing that guide your own practice.Analyze your communication style using one of the tools presented in the course.

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses associated with your style of communication.Impact of your communication style on your ability to collaborate as part of an interdisciplinary team.On a separate references page, cite all sources using APA format. PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Thank you.

Pages: 3 pages (825 words) Double spaced
Type of paper: Research paper Suggested checklist Undergraduate (yrs. 1-2)
Discipline: Nursing
Title: dentify a vulnerable population or a community health issue
Sources to be cited: 2

Paper format: MLA
Paper instructions: Research AssignmentIdentify a vulnerable population or a community health issue and use what you have learned during this course using EBP to guide health technology, community resources, screening, outreach, referral and follow up to improve health outcomes in the community.

Must address all of the topics. APA format, including a minimum of two references within a 5 year span.

Philosophy/Theory/middle-range theory - Describing Nursing

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