Executive compensation - CEO's compensation, equity ownership

Paper instructions:†For this discussion, I would like for you to pick a publicly traded company you would like to know more about.I then want you to find its most recent proxy statement.

Companies may publish this under the investor information web page or you can find it on the EDGAR page of SEC.gov.You can find it through the company filings search.

The filing type is called a DEF 14a which stands for a definitive proxy statement.The proxy is sent to shareholders in advance of the annual shareholders meeting, and SEC regulations require companies to share certain information in the proxy.

Executive compensation is one of those items.If you haven't seen a proxy before, you might spend some time looking at it as it has a lot of interesting information.

Next, find the executive compensation section.It will have detailed information on the highest paid5 employees.Note that compensation may be in form of cash salary, bonuses, and stock compensation. Also note how many shares of the company the CEO owns.

Find information on the CEO and copy that to the discussion thread.Compensation disclosures may be quite complex so in your education, please take the time to try to digest it.†

Then I want you to analyze the CEOs compensation and equity ownership and discuss how that compensation for the company you selected motivates managers to work hard on behalf of shareholders.This is related to the agency problem and how do get work adverse agents to work hard on behalf of principals.

Executive compensation - CEO's compensation, equity ownership

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