Separation of politics from administration - Common themes

For the final essay, you will want to identify any common themes in your articles. For example, are the majority of the articles that you found and read arguing for one position or the other in this debate?

Or, what are the common arguments used by theorists in the field when they take a position one way or the other? Or, are there circumstances under which the writers argue for separation of politics from administration but other circumstances where they argue that these two realms should be working in concert?

Do the circumstances they note have any common characteristics? These themes will reflect many of the weekly topics studied over the term within the context of the field of public administration. You should also be aware of any positions or arguments that are missing from your list of articles.

If all of the authors in your sample of articles take one position, then you should consider adding at least one article in which the author takes the opposite position. When you need to add to your annotated bibliography, you should follow the same format as you have followed each week in preparing that annotated bibliographic entry.

When you have completed your review and added any additional peer-reviewed journal articles that you think are important (and the related annotated bibliographic entry) to your document, you are ready to move to the final step of writing the essay part of your Final Project.

Your essay is a summary of the key issues raised by the articles you have annotated, as well as a written analysis of the questions you considered in Step 2 above. The essay is a narrative description and written analysis of what you discovered as you read the articles in your bibliography—it is a description and analysis of the administration-politics dichotomy as you have come to understand it.

The essay is not a regurgitation of material, but an analysis that represents your thoughts and interpretation of the material you have studied over the term. Avoid simply listing the various course topics and what the articles’ authors wrote on those topics. You are looking for themes, ways of understanding the debate that make the arguments, pro and con, useful as you actually practice public administration.

Be sure to provide in-text citations for all of your sources and include them all on a references page using APA style guidelines. Your references page should be the last page of your document and should include all the references you used that are not included in your annotated bibliographic entries. For example, you might want to refer in your essay to Woodrow Wilson’s article in the textbook.

You would not add it to your annotated bibliographic entries but would include it in your list of references at the end of your paper. Note: Any direct quotations or references to specifics from your annotated bibliographic entries in your essay would have an in-text, parenthetical citation but would only be listed in your annotated bibliographic alphabetical list.

Your essay should be 8–12 pages, double-spaced, APA writing format, using a Times New Roman 12 point font, with 1" margins.Comments from Customer
Discipline: Public Health

Separation of politics from administration - Common themes

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