Conduct usability testing of social distancing - Usability Test

Usability Test
For this work, you will need to test the instructions on at least two users and write a revise instructions and some opinions. You can view this usability-test planning guide.

Here is the link: https://jerz.setonhill.edu/design/usability/intro.htm Here are some key considerations for usability testing:Consider how you will conduct this usability testing in the context of social distancing.

Will you have users conduct the task over video conference, or have team members use co-habitants with whom they are socially isolating, or something else?

Ask your users to think out loud as they conduct the task, reporting their mental processes.

As you observe your users performing the task, resist the urge to prompt them or intervene. Any difficulty they encounter will signal an element you should clarify in revision.

Once your users are finished, conduct a brief interview, asking general, open-ended questions to identify areas at which your instructions can be improved.

Conduct usability testing of social distancing - Usability Test

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