Integrated Marketing Communications - Promotional Mix

Promotional Mix Activity Directions: After reading your text and reviewing the following terms as defined in your text, research a company or product of your choice, show and explain the Integrated Marketing Communications used by the brand.†Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is the careful coordination of all promotional activities to produce a consistent, unified message that is consumer focused.

To implement IMC, marketing managers carefully work out the roles that the various promotional elements will play in the marketing mix.IMC (Promotional Mix Elements)ADVERTISING is impersonal, one-way mass communication about a product or organizer that is paid for by the marketer. Advertising is transmitted by different media, including television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, direct mail, billboards, and transit cards.

SOCIAL MEDIA is a tool or service that uses the Internet to facilitate conversations.Examples include Blogs, Facebook pages, Instagram posts, Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch, and TikTokPUBLIC RELATIONS(PR) is the marketing function that evaluates public attitudes, identifies areas within the organization the public may be interested in, and executes a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance.

A solid public relations program can generate favorable publicity.Information about the company on its website or in a blog can be considered PR.Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts and philanthropy are also public relations activities. Earning press positive or negative coverage is called publicity and is a part of PR.SALES PROMOTION consists of all marketing activities that stimulate consumer purchasing and dealer effectiveness.

Examples include free samples, contests, premiums, trade shows, vacation giveaways, fashion shows, and coupons.PERSONAL SELLING is a purchase situation involving a personal, paid-for communication between two people in an attempt to influence each other. It involves a planned face-to-face presentation to one or more prospective purchasers for the purpose of making sales. Personal selling was initially more prevalent in the industrial goods field but now plays an important role in relationship marketing. Retail associates and stylists are also considered personal selling.Comments from Customer
Here's the name of the textbook -MKTG (the principals of marketing) by Charles W. Lamb

Integrated Marketing Communications - Promotional Mix

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