Research to understand how Phishing works - Cyber Security

Read the attached research sources and answer the following questions. Also, you may need to use the attached course book chapter 1 to 8 for more information. You can use other sources to explain your answers. Direct quotes from sources are not allowed.================= Questions ====================

1. Dhamija, Tygar & Hearst (2006) conducted a study to understand why phishing works. Please read carefully their manuscript and discuss the following:

a. What type of study was conducted by the researchers? Motivate your answer with specific examples from the content we have covered in class so far.

b. What are some of the flaws of the methodology?

c. If you were to improve the study, how would you conduct it to answer the research question “Why phishing works?”2. There is an existing gap between research and practice in project risk management (Taylor, Artman & Woelfer, 2012) and advances in science are rarely applied to the real-world.
a. What are some of the reasons for this issue?

b. Explain how you propose to address this problem. Provide empirical evidence that your approach can be successful.Comments from Customer
Discipline: Cyber security

Research to understand how Phishing works - Cyber Security

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