Company X and Windows Bright - Contract Analysis

Introductory Sentence:Begin with an introductory sentence or very brief paragraph that states your conclusion to the questions asked.
Concluding Sentence:End the discussion with a concluding sentence or a very brief paragraph that summarizes your conclusion/what you discussed.

Support Arguments and Positions:Please refer to the module in Content, "How to Support Arguments and Positions". Background Facts You Need To Know:Company X, a company in Illinois, contracted via the internet with Windows Bright, a small window washing business in Missouri to purchase four cases of Shiny Lite window cleaning solution at $200 per case.

Company X paid via the internet with a company credit card, and an electronic contract was created.The electronic contract stated that the four cases of Shiny Lite would be shipped to Company X’s place of business in Illinois via UPS.Once UPS delivered the Shiny Lite, the contract required Windows Bright to clean Company X's windows.

Instructions: Winne and Ralph have concerns about the Statute of Frauds and electronic contracts.To respond to their concerns, you must address the following questions:A.Discuss whether the contract between Company X and Windows Bright is subject to the Uniform Commercial Code Statute of Frauds.B.

Analyze and explain whether the internet electronic contract between Company X and Windows Bright satisfies the “writing” requirements for the Statute of Frauds?If so, how and why? Number each section as:A.B.

Company X and Windows Bright - Contract Analysis

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