Sea World responsibility to animals - Orca captivity

Answer the question and number it. Each question target word count is 250 words.

1.)David Bornstein, Fighting Bullying with Babies
Target 250 word countIn the opening paragraph Bornstein refers to a White House conference and the Dept. of Education’s “guidance letter”. How do these references help him define the problem and excite the readers’ interest in his solution?Article for first question-https://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/11/08/fighting-bullying-with-babies/

William F Shughart II, Why Not a Football Degree? Read to Analyze assumptions of suggestion three. Who, according to Shugart, benefits from keeping college athletes amateurs, and who would benefit if they were allowed? Target 250 word count*
Naomi Rose, Captivity Kills Orcas

3.)Rose identifies two films that influenced the issue she describes in the essay. If you are familiar with either film, analyze and describe how and why they affect the issue of Orca captivity. If you know nothing at all about either film, then answer how and why a feature length film can affect the issue of Orca captivity specifically. Target word count 250*  

4.)Why does Rose assume corporations like Sea World have a responsibility to care for the animals they have used to make a profit? What, if anything, does she suggest about the consumer’s responsibility towards animals held in captivity? What can consumers do to influence corporations like Sea World?Website for Noami Rose-Captivity kills Orcashttps://www.cnn.com/2013/10/24/opinion/blackfish-captive-orcas-solutions/index.html

Sea World responsibility to animals - Orca captivity

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