Human health and environment - Al Amrat landfill In Oman

I Have a coursework it is contain 7 tasks and conclusion and future recommendations. But it is in specific location with specific company
Location: Al Amrat landfill In Oman,
Company: Be'ah
Please I don't want random and general information
So what I want from you to do only the following parts:
7- Al Amerat landfill is the first engineered sanitary landfill in Oman which began its operations in early 2011.

The landfill site consists of many landfills; the first landfill is expected to complete in the end of this year. Good landfill restoration provides an opportunity for landfill operators to promote public acceptance of landfills. Restoration is a process which will return a site to a condition suitable for its proposed after use whilst incorporating measures to protect human health and the environment.

Suggest Closure, Post Closure Plan and Landfill Aftercare Plan and After Use for the first landfill in Al Amerat. (Solid waste related issues)
8- Conclusions:
Integrated Solid Waste Management is the best option to mitigate environmental impacts and to protect the public health.

The Beah is implementing Wealth from Waste concepts for sustainable development.
Landfill gas recovery reduces global warming.
The landfills after closure can be converted into a green park or golf court.
9- future recommendations
But please I want the huge amount of words and information in task 7 because it is 15 marks and conclusion and recommendation 5 marks.

Also find please attached Coursework, PPT which is in the link below.
Please see the video and listen carefully Because it is the exactly what is required.
I don't want to receive random information about any site please be specific.Comments from Customer
This is the video link: Please check it and let your writers to check Because I want to receive excellent quality of paper
Link: https://www27.zippyshare.com/v/10aM6PfC/file.html

Human health and environment - Al Amrat landfill In Oman

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