Patagonia case study - Business practices by leadership

Assignment Instructions
After reading the Patagonia case study, address the following in your paper. (I have attached the article in the additional materials section below)

1. Discuss how the values and mission of Patagonia come to life through the business practices put in place by leadership.

2. How has Patagonia been seen as a leader in sustainable practices? Please provide examples.

3. How does the leadership of Patagonia create a positive culture through sustainable leadership practices? -Please be sure to include two additional peer review scholarly references to support your responses; and insure that they are no older than (5) years to date (June 2015).

The 3rd source to be cited is the Patagonia case study itself. Please insure that you cite it accordingly to APA. -All submitted work will be formatted to APA (American Psychological Association) standards, with citations and references included.

Patagonia case study - Business practices by leadership

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