COVID-19 pandemic - Similarities and differences in policies.

?We are facing a human crisis unlike any we have experienced? and our ?social fabric and cohesion is under stress.? --UN Deputy-Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed ?It is not the time for countries to move toward mitigation, All countries need to review their strategies now,? -- Dr. Michael J. Ryan, WHO Informal Advisory Group member.

Based on the two videos you watched earlier this semester, compare at least one or two countries with China in terms of how their governments have reacted to COVID-19 pandemic.

You can discuss the similarities and differences in their policies, medical resources, their citizensí corporations, the effectiveness and etc. Please dig into the reasons why and how those policies have been made, such as social context, economic development, and political system.

You also need to include in your discussion what you think about the policies and why some worked while others not. In the final part, please predict the potential impact COVID-19 has on globalization and explain why. Length: Minimum 3 pages single spaced. Two videos:https://youtu.be/_UNKr7ot5J8 https://youtu.be/3K3fy5eKeuM

COVID-19 pandemic - Similarities and differences in policies.

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