Impact of pregnancy loss on mental health of women - Study

What is the impact of pregnancy loss on the mental health of women.Research in Practice Study (up to 5000 words) Full details and guidance are in the Module Guide.

The assignment for this module requires you to submit a critical practice study based on existing theory, research and writing about: a specific area of practice in social work, concerning a named service user group.Having identified your focus, you should find research and literature relevant to this.

The practice study will involve a critical review of relevant research published in peer-reviewed journals and other authoritative sources. It should also include critical coverage of relevant contextual material e.g. relevant legislation, policy and theory.

Reviewing involves analysis, evaluation, critique and synthesis of the literature concerning your subject matter.Having done these things, you are in a position to reach clear and succinct conclusions about the existing literature.

For example, you may find that there are inconsistencies in the conclusions drawn by existing research or there may be gaps in the research.Capstone project needs to answer this - What is the impact of pregnancy loss on the mental health of women.

Would need a intro and background section, methods/methodology section, findings section and discussions sectoion. Included: critical analysis of data, themes in primary research articles? good method? analyse. Why is this topic important to social work.CRITERIA-
Identify research question

Identify a research question relevant to social work practice and outline intended aims and objectives for undertaking a literature review relating to this question. 5 MARKS Contextualisation of topic
Contextualise the chosen research topic with reference to current practice evidence, available data, related theory, and relevant legislation and policy. 20 MARKSResearch Methods

Accurately describe the research process and methodology outlining specific search strategies undertaken, and data-analysis methods used. 5 MARKSReview of Research
Demonstrate depth and systematic understanding of the topic through rigorous evaluation and integration of findings from identified primary research studies, drawing independent conclusions, recommendations and identifying areas for potential future research. 60 MARKS

This criterion is linked to a learning outcome Written presentation
Demonstrate a standard of presentation skills including written material, consistent with undergraduate study and professional practice at this level. 10 MARKSHarvard referencing throughout

Impact of pregnancy loss on mental health of women - Study

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