Intersteller science-fiction - Final paper project

Assigned movie: Intersteller
The final paper should be an analysis of one or more works of science-fiction in relation to one of our course themes. You may not write on the television series on which you gave your group presentation, but apart from that, any science fiction film, television series, video art piece or novel of art related to the one of the course themes can be appropriate for a final paper – you simply need to check with me first to get it approved before you begin.

You can email me with your idea, or come by office hours, but paper topics and projects need to be approved by April 1st at the latest if they are to be given credit. Papers will be 3000-4000 words in length. Typically, it should be an extended analysis of one film, show, or novel, combined with analysis of a number of readings that relates to it.

Alternately, it can be a comparison of two films with a shorter discussion of the readings that relate to both. Your paper should make use of at least two of the readings we’ve discussed in class (look at both the required and supplemental readings for related topics), but should additionally contain at least one other essay that you find on your own.

Consult me or the SBU Librarians for assistance finding appropriate materials. Papers are due over slack as a text or pdf attachment . Citations and bibliography should follow the Chicago Style “Notes and Bibliography” guidelines:

Chosen theme - Dystopias (against realism)
In lieu of a final paper, you may choose to undertake. The nature of this project is up to you, but you need to have it approved by April 1st. It should include a 500 word write-up describing what you are trying to accomplish, and how it relates to a given topic from the course, citing at least two of our required or supplemental readings in the description.sources to be used in the paper:
https://overland.org.au/previous-issues/issue-233/feature-against-realism/https://communemag.com/dystopias-now/Comments from Customer
Discipline: Art history

Intersteller science-fiction - Final paper project

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