Literature Review - Briefly summarize your findings in this section

Structure of paper: Introduction Explain your research question clearly and provide rationale why is it important. Here you have to provide motivation for your idea. You must convince the reader that you are doing a worthy research.

2. Literature Review Review the existing literature about the topic. It is crucial to find and cite to 2-3 core articles that are published at the reputable and peer reviewed scientific journals.

3. Data Description Data is important. Describe your variables by using summary statistics, graphs and charts. Here you should indicate the source, time interval, and potential problems (missing data, measurement error etc.) associated with your data.

4. Methodology Describe your methodology and explain why the selected methodology is appropriate. Here, you can also mention how potential problems are accounted for.

5. Findings Here you are expected to discuss your findings and provide intuition behind them. Prepare nice looking and informative tables and graphs (check how academic research papers do it) to demonstrate your findings. Clearly display the regression outcomes and significance levels.

Do not directly copy Stata tables into the main body of your paper. Remember, finding of no significant relationship is also finding if you can explain it properly.

6. Conclusion Briefly summarize your findings in this section. Here you can also discuss the outstanding problems and possibilities for future research.

7. Appendix Include the details of implemented methodology/derivations, surveys etc. here.Comments from Customer
The paper will be about Azerbaijan

Literature Review - Briefly summarize your findings in this section

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