Discuss the 5th Amendmentís privilege against self-incrimination

TOPIC A. Discuss the 5th Amendmentís privilege against self-incrimination. Find at least 2 major Supreme Court and/or New York Court cases about this topic in addition to Miranda v. Arizona.

a. Briefly outline the facts of the cases, the Courtís decision and how the decision has impacted law enforcement interrogations. Analyze, do not outline the case.

b. Include a discussion on the issue of false confessions and how law enforcement is attempting to prevent false confessions with best practices.

c. Discuss both sides of the argument concerning whether statements taken by law enforcement from accused persons should be videotaped. Note whether this is a required practice within the United States.

d. DO NOT give a general discussion on the 5th Amendment Ė while the 5th Amendment involves many guaranteed rights. This research paper should only focus on the right against self-incrimination.

You are required to submit a double-spaced, 12 Font, typewritten report with 1í margins, that must be a minimum of five (5) pages long.

2. Cite your work parenthetically within the text of your paper to give proper credit to the source you are using for the information within your paper.

3. A work cited page (page 6) is required. At least 5 sources are required for your research. Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source.

Your textbook is an acceptable source. You can use SCCCís library website to help you cite properly in the MLA or APA format.

Discuss the 5th Amendmentís privilege against self-incrimination

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