"Die Fremde" in english "When we leave" - Writing a film critique

Your task for this assignment is to submit a film critique. A film critique is a structured argument about a specific issue of one film. You will develop a clear and specific thesis about the movie: Die Fremde, then persuade your reader why your thesis is significant.

A good film critique should:Address the significance or worth of the film.
Analyze the various elements of a film that you have studied in class.
Show some understanding of the filmmaker, their cultural background, and their other films.

NOT have an excessive plot summary.
GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: Length: 4 pages long (1200 words). In addition, the paper needs to have an attachment consisting of your notes, plot segmentation/outline and drafts to demonstrate your writing process.

Format:typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, pages numbered, and in 12 point font, with one-inch margins. Please do not include cover pages or report covers.

Please write your name, the course name and the date in the upper left corner of the paper.A persuasive and specific title is necessary.You may use still photos or screen grabs to connect to your analysis.

Be specific and do not use still photos randomly.Your bibliography can be limited to two or three sources.This is a critique, not a research paper.Please use Chicago or MLA style.Comments from Customer

We have been asked to do the following:
first paragraph: about the director of the film where she's from, lived, studied bla bla
director focuses about womens right or social problems or whatever the problem is about, films about, a lot of his films won awards.

The film is significant because...
Most imp thing is a thesis statement, a good thesis statement about the film.
what is the film about? (women rights) and women being treated a human beings, main character is umai refer to characters by their names!
the opening scene is the ending scene meaning the film came as a circle, and its a symbol of a circle
develop by thesis statement! include more scenes
also. it needs to be ONLY three pages and the fourth page is for references ONLY.Hello.

The film is called "Die Fremde" in english "When we leave". Here's a link:https://we.tl/t-xxgJIapps4please follow what I have mentioned in the previous message for the paragraphs, you need to choose scenes and write about them and why they're significant. The rest of the details are in the message I've sent earlier.Thank you.

"Die Fremde" in english "When we leave" - Writing a film critique

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