Among the Wild Chimpanzees - Watching film assignment

You will need to set aside at least an hour to watch a film and answer the questions provided.Your assignment will be graded based on your understanding and use of information presented in the specific film.

How to submit assignment:
Copy and paste the associated video questions into your word processing program.Watch the video and answer questions using information from the film.

Type your answers in complete sentences after each question.Make sure you support your answers with specific information from the film.
Do NOT simply quote the film, use your own words.Do not search for answers online (that’s cheating)!

DO YOUR OWN WORK.If your answers are similar to another student's, you will lose all credit for the assignment.
Answers should be single-spaced.

Your entire completed assignment (including the questions) should total a minimum of 750 words.

Among the Wild Chimpanzees
Video Questions
Video Questions:Among the Wild Chimpanzees
1. Describe several aspects of the chimps’ daily activities at Gombe.
2. Who are the members of the main family of chimps shown in the film and what are their relationships?
3. Describe specific evidence of dominant behaviors shown in the film.
4. Describe specific evidence of affiliative behaviors shown in the film.
5. Describe specific evidence of learned behaviors shown in the film.
6. Describe specific evidence of territorial/aggressive behaviors shown (note: this is not the same as dominant behaviors).
7. Describe evidence of chimp emotional behaviors.
8. Human impact on the Gombe chimps:Was it positive/negative?Evidence?
9. Go back and review the different behaviors you recorded—how could these be seen as adaptive behaviors (favored by natural selection)?Are any behaviors maladaptive (not favored)? Be thorough!

Among the Wild Chimpanzees - Watching film assignment

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