Methodology, Analysis of Data, and conclusion - Assignment paper

There are three more assignments for this final paper, Methodology, Analysis of Data, and conclusion. Each of these sections needs to be submitted individually, and the final paper will be the accumulation of all these sections. I have written the first two section of this paper, which is the introduction and literature review. What I need is to send me these three assignments individually, and in the end send it to me as a whole paper.

For the analysis, please use either SPSS, Tableau or RapidMiner. The anslysis should be easy and simple, maybe just a regression (simple, logistic, binary whatever). The learning we have is very entry level so donít make it too hard.

The Methodology section is where you indicate how you will analyze your data and answer your questions. It is here that you show your research potential. This section will include...

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Justification for the paradigm and methodology (Why are you doing it this way and not some other way?)

3.3 Research Procedures (How will you gather your data? Is your source ethical? How will you analyze the data? Which tests will you conduct and why?)

3.4 Ethical Considerations (Are your data ethically sourced? Do you need IRB approval?)

3.5 Conclusion

This is the fun part! You finally get to analyze your data and draw some conclusions. Of course, you still need to follow protocols. This includes...

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Subjects and Hypotheses (Restate your hypotheses/questions with the answers).

4.3 Patterns and resolutions (What do your data show? What patterns emerged? What resolutions did you develop?)

4.4 Solution (What should your client do?)

4.5 Conclusion

Here, you've done all the research and analysis. Now, you will conclude your paper. That means you will...

Add a Conclusions section that tells the client/firm what course of action should be taken.

Go back and add an abstract to your first chapter.

Conclude your paper.

This is the final culmination of the semesters work. You have completed the Intro, Lit Review, Methodology, Analysis, and now the conclusion. Present all of this in APA format. 

Congratulations, this is a paper you can use to showcase your talents.


Word Doc. Cover sheet. 12 to 15 pages of solid content. Reference Page.

The presentation files will be upload to a separate assignment.

Methodology, Analysis of Data, and conclusion - Assignment paper

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