Analysis of a contemporary cultural text - Cultural/aesthetic tradition

600 word minimum analysis of a contemporary cultural text (Group):Preview the document The group will need to find, research, and analyze a contemporary cultural text (i.e. any cultural text that was created in the 20th or 21st century) that either revises a cultural/aesthetic tradition discussed in your chapter or directly re-signifies a cultural text discussed in your chapter.

With either choice, the group will analyze the contemporary cultural text for the way it is expressive of contemporary cultural values and ideas and reflective of contemporary historical social context.

To do so, your group will also need to do some independent research on your contemporary cultural text in order to properly contextualize it historically.

Your group will be provided a potential contemporary cultural text for each chapter.

Preview the document However, if your group chooses the suggested contemporary cultural text, then your group will not be able to get the maximum score for both this assignment and the digital presentation.

This analysis will feed into the creation of the digital presentation. Lastly, remember only 1 person from the group needs to submit the completed assignment.

Analysis of a contemporary cultural text - Cultural/aesthetic tradition

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