Financial Statement Analysis - Decisions based on financial information

MN-2558: Financial Accounting 1B Assessment Brief 2020
Poster Presentation: Financial Statement Analysis

This assessment is designed to help students develop the ability to understand, analyse and make decisions based on financial information. These skills are essential in every professional business career.

Determining the best way to tell a financial story is a critical skill in business. Therefore the main requirement in making this presentation is for you to draw conclusions from the data that has been gathered, determine the relative position of the company that the analysis has been performed on, and to do so in a way that is understandable to others.
Learning outcomes
? Demonstrate knowledge of company financial statements

? Interpret financial statements using ratios
? Evaluate the performance of a public limited company
? Demonstrate knowledge of international accounting standards
? Prepare an engaging and succinct presentation transcript
? Design a poster to incorporate findings from the research conducted

Poster Presentation
From the assigned set of financial statements and international accounting standard, your poster must be set out on one side of A4, outlining the following:-
1) An introduction to your assigned company and its industry assume your audience knows nothing about your company

2) Ratio calculations from each of the following areas profitability, liquidity, efficiency and investment (a maximum of 4 to be selected)

3) For each ratio comment on:-
What is being measured
How the figures or ratios have moved
Explain why the changes may have occurred by giving examples

4) An overall conclusion summarising the performance of the company

5) From the international accounting standard that has been assigned explain, how this has impacted the financial statements
Please note that the assigned company and international accounting standard that the student should prepare this assessment must be the company and accounting standard that was originally assigned to the group that they were allocated to.

Presentation Transcript (notes)
You are to assume the role of the Finance Director of an organisation that is wishing to invest into your assigned company and prepare the transcript (notes) as if you were verbally presenting this in front of the board of directors. You do not actually have to present your poster.

However, you are to write a 1,000-word transcript using the style, tone and language that you would use if you were verbally presenting it.
MN-2558: Financial Accounting 1B Assessment Brief 2020
Presentation Transcript (notes) continued

The aim of the written transcript (note) is to provide an engaging and succinct explanation for each part of the poster. This means that you should explain and display detailed knowledge of the information that you have collated to produce the poster.

Your presentation transcript (notes) should contain the following:
? An introduction to the assigned company and its industry (approximately 100 words)
? An in-depth ratio analysis on all ratio calculations provided (approximately 550 words)
? An overall conclusion summarising the performance of the company (approximately 100 words)
? An explanation of how the assigned international accounting standard has impacted the financial statements (approximately 250 words)

You do not need to reference the transcript (notes). Instead, you need to write it in a style that informs the board of directors. Please prepare the transcript (notes) in a word document.
Marking Criteria
This assessment now has a weighting of 30% and the following criteria will be applied:
Marks Available
Numerical accuracy of ratios
Financial analysis and interpretation
Application of international accounting standards
Presentation Transcript
Poster content (appropriateness, accuracy etc.)

Submission Deadline
Each student must submit their work by 3pm Thursday 9th April 2020.
Submission must be made through blackboard. There will be three individual turn it in submission points which will comprise of the following:
? Poster
? Presentation Transcript
? A supporting document which lists the ratio formulas and workings for each ratio that has been applied to the poster and a reference list if external sources have been used for the assessment.
MN-2558: Financial Accounting 1B Assessment Brief 2020

Student Support
Should any student experience difficulties or a change in circumstances, which may lead to the inability to submit this coursework, please get in touch with SoM assessment team immediately

If you have any problems or queries in relation to the assessment brief, please contact your module co-ordinator, Emma James, immediately. Please note as this must be your own work, I cannot address any technical queries.

Financial Statement Analysis - Decisions based on financial information

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