The Equine Industry and the Road to the Kentucky Derby

Assignment 2

The Equine Industry and the Road to the Kentucky Derby

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Please review the following presentation. Click the link below. This will also be located in your canvas files.

“The Equine Industry & The Road to the Kentucky Derby”


After viewing this presentation please watch the following videos.

?     Working With Horses- Equestrian Jobs, Equine Careers


?     Equine Jobs for non riders - Equestrian Careers


1.) Please research one career that you just learned about or perhaps a different equine career that you have learned about previously. Ideally you should research a career that you could see yourself potentially doing. Please answer the following questions.

a.)  Which career did you choose to research?

b.)  Why did you choose this career to research?

c.)  What is the salary/pay like for this position?

d.)  Is there any formal education or training required for this career?

            e.)  What would an average day look like for someone with this career?

2.)  What three races make up the triple crown?

3.) The Kentucky derby is known as the most exciting _______ minutes in sports.

4.) When is the Kentucky derby held?

5.) Who awards the prize to the Winner of the Kentucky Derby?

The Equine Industry and the Road to the Kentucky Derby

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