Project management and quality assurance - Costs and benefits

This assignment is designed to test your understanding of the learning outcomes
associated with this module. This is done by defining four tasks that are related to a
single scenario.

The first task is designed to cover the first learning outcome (Demonstrate a
familiarity with tools, techniques and skills required in project management and
quality assurance).

The second task covers the second learning outcome (Assess and evaluate the
costs and benefits associated with formal quality assurance and project
management methods).

The third covers the third learning outcome (Apply the tools, techniques and skills of
project management to a given scenario).
Task four covers learning outcomes one and two.

Outstanding Media Group are expanding to a new building in another part of the UK.

The building, although sound, does not have an adequate existing wired network
infrastructure. This means, the wired network of the building needs to be rewired so
that it can support new PCs for staff along with printers, a scanner, and new servers.

As the staff are new they will also need to be trained.
Task 1 (28%)

As this is a large project and the expansion is very important to the company they
wish to ensure that it has the greatest chance of success.

As you have been appointed the project manager the senior stakeholder has asked
you to identify five critical success factors (CSFs) that you consider essential for the
successful completion of the project. In order to do this you are expected to
demonstrate that you understand what is meant by CSFs and are aware of the CSFs
often identified with this sort of project. Using the work of authors on the subject as
inspiration you will then identify what you think are the five CSFs for this sort of
project, each with a justification for its inclusion in your list. The knowledge you have
picked up through the course should also help you decide what you believe are the
most important aspects of this type of project.

Write a formal report of no more than 1200 words.
Task 2 (25%)
Some of the stakeholders are concerned that the project will take too long to produce
what will be an over specified solution. They are concerned that budget for the
project seems high there appears to be a lot of allowance in the budget for items
that seem to relate to managing and monitoring the project as opposed to those
directly related to the implementation of the project.

Write a short report that explains the benefits of ensuring the quality of the project
outcomes and what costs are associated with the processes to ensure the quality of
the outcome. In essence what you are being asked for is the benefits of quality
assurance and what overheads are associated with strong QA processes.

The report
should be no more than 1000 words.
Task 3 (28%)
The remaining paragraphs of this task describe the activities identified for the
completion of the project. Create a Work Break Down Structure (WBS) and a Gantt
Chart for the project.

The durations for activities are shown in parenthesis and are
given in weeks. Assume that the project will start on January 20th 2020. The critical
path must be clearly identified. Outline any other assumptions you have had to make
and any weaknesses, omissions or errors you think there are in the plan. You need
to identify the following dates and show them on your Gantt chart as milestones

The date the office can be advertised as open for business. (i.e. the project should
be completed and all staff trained.
The date the stakeholders can approve the design.
The date the stakeholders can confirm the opening date.

This will be when the
hardware and software tests have been completed.
The project will have to come up with a network design. This will involve the analysis
of the network requirements (7) then a topology design (6). Once the topology has
been decided it is possible to specify the internet working devices such as routers
and switches (2), determine the WAN requirements (2) and the firewall rules (1). The
next stage would be the implementation of the network design which can start once
the internet working devices have been specified. This will involve tendering for the
internet working devices (8) followed by their installation (3). Once they are installed
they can be configured (9) as can the firewalls (1). Whilst this is going on the
completion of designing the network topology allows the cabling to be ordered (3)
and installed (12).

End devices need to be acquired. These can be divided into PCs (this includes
desktop and laptop devices as well as some tablets) and printers/scanners. It will be
necessary to analyse the requirements of both classes; PCs (9) and
printers/scanners (1). It will then be necessary to develop the specifications (PCs 2
weeks; printers/scanners 1 week). The tendering process for PCs (7) is expected
to take a week longer than for the printers/scanners (6).

When the PC tendering
process is complete they can be configured (2) followed by installation and testing of
applications (3). When these tests have finished they can be distributed around the
offices (3) On completion of the printer/scanner tendering process they can be
installed (1) and tested (1) though the testing will not be possible till the network tests
are complete.

The network infrastructure test (2) can be undertaken once the internetworking
devices and firewalls have been configured, the cable installed and applications
have been tested on the PCs.

In order for tenders to go out for the servers (7) it is necessary to undertake an
analysis of their requirements (4). On completion of the tendering process the
servers can be configured (3), then applications installed (3). When the apps have
been installed on the server and the PCs then the server applications can be tested

Once the application requirements have been analysed it is possible to start
preparing the training material (1) though recruiting the trainers (4) can be started
immediately. Once the trainers have been recruited and the material is ready then
trainers can be themselves trained (1).

Also once the training material has been
completed the training schedule can be developed (1) though the training is
expected to be done over 4 weeks.
Produce a summary report of no more than 300 words, a Work Break Down
Structure & a Gantt Chart.
Task 4 (9%)

Whilst carrying out a site survey prior to the commencement of the project asbestos
is found in the walls. This is believed to double the time to take to install the cabling.
Identify three possible ways of dealing with this from the project management point
of view (so I do not want to know about how to deal with the asbestos).
Write a short report of no more than 500 words to indicate the affect the discovery
will have on the final deadline, the three possible approaches to this you have
identified to try to reduce the consequences and which one you would recommend.
Presentation (10%)

This presentation will be submitted through with your assignment so some thought
will have to go about how you are going to do the presentation. There can be only a
single word or pdf document. So you will need to think of an effective way of
including the Gantt chart and WBS in the document. (make sure they are readable
and good use of summaries may help)
It should go without saying that grammar, spelling and style must be good.

I am
looking for something that looks professional. Harvard referencing must be properly
used throughout. If it is not then you will be considered for an assessment offence
and may fail the module as a consequence. Work that looks too similar to someone
elses will also be considered for an assessment offence.
Note: Tables, Gannt Chart and Images are not included in the word count.

Project management and quality assurance - Costs and benefits

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