Sociological theories and concepts - Argument made by Marx

The idea of this weekly assignment is to think through sociological theories and concepts and to address how well they apply to the empirical case of baseball.In the space of a paragraph, please address an argument or two by the sociologist of the week and say whether it applies to the baseball material for the week and why you think the way you do.

For instance, address an argument made by Marx (about, for instance, labor in capitalism) and address whether it applies well to the case of “professional” baseball players in the 19th century.

Then indicate why you think the argument applies well or does not.Please write a complete paragraph with a topic sentence and use all relevant citations, though no bibliography is needed.

This assignment must be typed.
You do not need to read it all on this date, just enough from each to write your connections paragraph.

Sociological theories and concepts - Argument made by Marx

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