Tragedy of school shootings - Threat of school shootings

Imagine that the issue of school shootings has been raised at a board meeting in your home district.

Your fellow citizens are concerned about this tragedy striking the schools that their children attend. They want to know what we’re going to do about it.

In their wisdom (recognizing that you are unusually informed about the matter), the school board has sought your perspective and asked you to address the question of “what to do about the threat of school shootings?”

Compose a statement, no more than 500 words long, which educates folks in your district about this concern and question.

Draw upon what you have learned about the tragedy of school shootings over the past weeks. Emphasize educational as opposed to merely security or mental health perspectives.

Offer what you find to be the most important insights.------------------------------------------------------------Nota bene (note well): Our culture encourages us to demand simple and quick answers to complex problems.

However, I do not expect you, and would caution you against, offering any silver-bullet or light-switch solutions.

In fact, I am not asking you to attempt to solve the tragedy of school shootings. Be faithful to the vexing nature of this issue.

Tragedy of school shootings - Threat of school shootings

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