Fascism Cold War - Truman Doctrine Containment, Capitalism Socialism

Treaty of Versailles League of Nations
Fascism Cold War
Truman Doctrine Containment
Capitalism Socialism
NATO Reagan Doctrine
Deterrence Uni / Bi / Multipolarity
Hegemony Glasnost / Perestroika
Study and discussion questions:

1. Among Waltz’s “images,” which of the three do you think offers the best explanation for war and why? Why does Waltz distinguish between the “immediate” causes of war and the “permissive” causes of war?

2. Why does Walt conclude that “realism remains the most compelling general framework for understanding international relations?” Why does he believe that constructivist theories best explain change in world affairs?

3. Who started the Cold War? Does the question matter in any way? Why did the Cold War end and who (if anyone) “won” the Cold War? Will the post-Cold War era be characterized by cooperation among the great powers and the rest on the globe?

4. Does the post-Cold War world signal a return to the multipolar system of the late 18th century, or is this going to be a unipolar era with the U.S. exercising the same hegemonic domination that the British did in the early part of the 19th century? Or does the War on Terrorism signal the beginning of a new “Cold War”?

5. What is the most significant historical point made in the video “Why Are We in Afghanistan?” Does this history make it more or less likely that you would support our invasion in 2001?

6. Michael Klare describes what he calls a new “Thirty Years War” that is now developing that has similar outlines of the earlier conflict (1618 – 1648) discussed in class. What are some of the similarities and differences between to two?

Genest. Conflict and Cooperation, Chapter 1, pp. 1-38.
The Prosecution of an American President.

Fascism Cold War - Truman Doctrine Containment, Capitalism Socialism

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