International Law Collective security - Economic transnationalism

Terms and concepts to know:
Institutional transnationalism Natural Law
International Law Collective security
Economic transnationalism Interdependence
Regime Complex interdependence
Multinational corporations Harmony of Interests
Study and discussion questions:

1. Discuss some of the key differences between the realist school and the liberal school of IR. Which of the critique liberal theory do you find most and least compelling?

2. Explain Meiser’s contradiction between liberal theory and American imperialism? Does the author give a sufficient analysis of how the two interact? Why or why not?

3. In a section of the Badie, Schlosser, and Molino article, the authors ask whether liberal democracy should be imposed by military intervention. Do you believe this violates liberal principles? Why or why not?

4. What is soft power (according to Joseph Nye)? Does the author claim it is more effective than hard power? Do you agree?

5. How did Obama (as a liberal relying on liberal principles), make things worse in the Middle East according to MacGregor? Do you agree or disagree with his assessment and why?

6. Do you believe that Keohane’s use of the phrase “informal violence” is a useful alternative to the term terrorism? Has the term terrorism become too politicized to be useful as an analytical term? If so, why?

7. What aspect of liberalism (institutional or economic transnationalism) does De Soto focus on in the documentary and can you find any internal inconsistencies or contradictions?

Genest. Conflict and Cooperation, Chapter 3, pp. 123-190.
The Power of the Poor.

International Law Collective security - Economic transnationalism

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