Saudi Arabia’s e-commerce legislation - Interests of consumers

Paper instructions:
This chapter concludes the thesis and provides recommendations from the research.

The conclusion shall also answer the questions:
1- In what ways will the Saudi Arabia’s e-commerce legislation change the system for e-commerce in the country? and

2- Do internet service providers and e-commerce operators hold any responsibility in safeguarding the interests of consumers of the e-commerce platforms?Attached for your Reference:

1-my thesis draft
2- Saudi E-commerce law
3- Saudi E-commerce bylawsImportant Notes:
1- please do not use articles as reference use books and law.
2- footnotes are important as well as reference page
3- 0% plagiarism required.

Comments from Customer
the direction have already been written in English. those PDF file are the law and bylaw ( I beleive you alreadu have the translated version as you wrote the previous chapter upon the attached law and bylaw. let me know if you need any help in translating this documents.

Saudi Arabia’s e-commerce legislation - Interests of consumers

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