Termination Summary - Crisis and/or angry outburst incident

Review your interviews and documentation related to your Final Project.
Review Chapter 11 of your Summers text regarding addressing and disarming anger.

Imagine that before you ended your services with the client, the client displayed some inappropriate confrontation, crisis and/or had an angry outburst in front of you.

Consider how you would document this in a Termination Summary.
Although your Termination Summary does not need to follow a specific format, refer to pp. 443-447 in your Summers text for ideas.

For this Assignment
Create a 2-page Termination Summary of your work with your interviewee/client from your Final Project interview and document the progress related to the service plan/goals that you created in Week 10.

As part of your Termination Summary, document the inappropriate confrontation, crisis and/or angry outburst incident you imagine could happen.

Include what your response and the clientís response might be, that might not be the most appropriate (refer to Chapter 11 for ideas). Then, include a plan for managing this type of crisis in the future.

Termination Summary - Crisis and/or angry outburst incident

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