Law of Digital Entertainment and Social Media - Critical analysis

Law of Digital Entertainment and Social Media:Your title must be expressed as a question. The module leader will help you to do this if necessary in agreeing the title.Examples of topics on which past student titles have been based include:

• Critical analysis of streaming and consequences for the music industry

• Stream-ripping

• ISPs and the fight against on-line “piracy”.

• The strategy of the music and/or media business to online file sharing

• The right to be forgotten on the internet / social media

• The legal balance between search engines and rights holders with regard to access to creative content.

• The effect and usefulness of “three strikes” laws eg Digital Economy Act or Hadopi

• Use of social media and sport/ or music

• Use and relevance of the “creative commons”.

General Information / Conditionsa. The assessment and grading criteria are referred to below and the marking grade criteria also appear in the Course Handbook.b. The maximum word length must not be exceeded.

You must supply a properly cited bibliography, including any internet site references (this should be to specific pages and not merely the general site address).

The bibliography and footnotes or end notes which are references and not continuations of the text or argument do not count towards the word length.c. The essay must be submitted as referred to in the Course Handbook section “The Presentation of Written Work” and:

• use a black 10 or 12 point sans serif font (eg Arial, Tahoma, Verdana) for your main text (your bibliography and notes can use a smaller size font but must use a sans serif font). If you do not know what a sans serif font is, use one of the three cited above or check with the module leader. Times New Roman and its variants are not sans serif fonts. This font is Arial 12 point.

• supply a properly cited bibliography (we recommend the OSCOLA referencing style). d.  You must submit your work via Blackboard only by 1pm on 11 May 2020.It will automatically be scanned through a plagiarism detection service.You do not need to attach a course work cover sheet. You DO need to include your name, student identification number on the first page of your work.

I asked the tutor - As you are aware that Saudi Arabia is changing alot in terms of its laws and regulations and the focus now is on the entertainment industry so I was wondering would it be interesting to do an essay on Entertainment Law in Saudi Arabia - something along those lines?

This was the reply: The idea of looking into some areas that touch upon digital technology and entertainment industry is certainly very interesting. Since it sounds very general now, it would be good to think of a particular area/focus that you are interested to write about. Also, the essay would need some reference to or comparison with the UK. Do you want to suggest a topic so I get it approved?


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Law of Digital Entertainment and Social Media - Critical analysis

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