John Kasson's Amusing the Millions - Discussion questions

For this assignment, you will need to answer a set of questions pertaining to John Kasson's Amusing the Millions and then come up with three quality discussion questions of you own.

Answer each of the following questions:

1. In your own words, what is Kasson's thesis/argument in Amusing the Millions?

2. Provide the page number and exact quote where he states his argument?

3. What are at least three main points Kasson's makes that support his argument w/ brief explanation or context?

4. Identify three key terms and/or concepts that are present throughout the book? Give a brief example from the book of each.

5. Three discussion questions with answers - develop three quality, though-provoking questions that will facilitate class discussion.

Response requirements Word file or similar format that is compatible with TURNITIN.

Font: Times New Roman 12pt
Name on top of document
Single space (but leave a space between each set of question/answer)

John Kasson's Amusing the Millions - Discussion questions

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