Fascism and Fascist politics - Empathy and Dominance nationalism

How Fascism Works What was the purpose of the book? (HINT it is stated in the Introduction).

To meet this purpose what one overriding question does the author seek to ask and answer?

What implications might there be if his purpose is met?

Somethings to consider: the difference between fascism and fascist politics. the difference between empathy nationalism and dominance nationalism. (you will want to know the definition of nationalism)

What are the strategies of fascist politics? (hint: also in the Introduction) Is law and order self-fulfilling?

Explain. (you might want to learn what self-fulfilling prophecy is) How do linguistics play with law and order?

Why is the pull of fascist politics powerful?

What current examples are there of the transformation of the morally extraordinary into the ordinary?

What intolerable things do you now tolerate? Where is your thinking now regarding the current Zeitgeist?

Can we be saved? What do you suggest? And now, Instructions for your final summary: Write a page synthesizing what you have learned this semester and what you plan on doing with this knowledge.

What was my purpose in assigning the materials covered in this course? What did I want you to believe/come to understand? Was the purpose met? If not fully, in part?

Fascism and Fascist politics - Empathy and Dominance nationalism

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