Social construction-ism, postmodernism, and their relationship to MFT

For this assignment, prepare notes to respond to each of the items below, and then schedule a Zoom or Skype session with your professor during this first week.

During this conversation, discuss concepts regarding social constructionism, postmodernism, and their relationship to MFT as well as the recovery model.

You can arrange for this meeting with your professor via e-mail. If it is not possible to schedule an appointment, you may seek approval from your professor to submit your responses in a Word document or as a video-recorded message.

To help lay the foundation for your study of postmodern models of MFT, your professor will guide the discussion to focus in on items from this list:
Social Constructionism:

What are some of the constructs related to social constructionism? What are the similarities and differences between systems theory and social constructionism? Postmodern Philosophy:

What are the primary postmodern assumptions? What are some of the differences between modernist and postmodernist therapists?

Recovery Model: What are the primary components of this model?Consult with your professor to learn how they identified a personal model of MFT.

Additionally, find one concept you do not understand and discuss this concept with your professor to gain an understanding of it.
In addition to covering these areas, you can address any questions you have about the syllabus and the assignments for this course.

Social construction-ism, postmodernism, and their relationship to MFT

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