The coca cola company - Corporate reputation presentation

- The topic: The coca cola company - You should use prezi not power point - you will NOT have to do any interviews.

- ONLY you need to do 50 surveys - please read all the files carefully -Simple language, Good grammar and vocabulary - it is not a group presentation it is individual project - Zero pages only prezi Comments from Customer
First of all, am thinking that i don't want the power point only he have to write the survey questions and send it to me .

Then, I will do the survey and send the result to the writer. In the survey , he should write mention the Emirati part in each questions.Secondly, he have to follow all the documents i sent.

And the most important document is " Rep Track Corporate Rep Assessment & Rubric- Raihan Jamil" . In this document the doctor write what i should say in each part. for example, in the introduction, he have to write a hook, what is a corporate reputation , thesis statement and transition to the body. ( he will sell exactly like this in this document "RepTrack Corporate Rep Assessment & Rubric- Raihan Jamil"). So, i think it will be only in two pages or less.

Thirdly, he should write high school language not difficult language, good grammar, and good vocabulary. It is in English course so these are important .

First, you will do the survey questions and send it to me. Important: You should say in each question in the survey that it is for Emirati people, and when you will do the survey, I want both the questions and the choices.

Then, I will do the survey and I will ask 50 Emirati people about the coca cola company to find the result. After that I will send the result to you.In the next step, (What you should write exactly in the word document)1. 1) Introduction

1. a) Hook / attention getter (say or do something to capture people’s attention)

2. b) What is corporate reputation?

3. c) Thesis statement–a quicko verview of what you will do in the presentation

4. d) Transition to the body
2. 2) Body
a) Literature review:what has been done on this topic before?Previous studies,e.g.RepTrak,
Feldman et al (2014), Chapter 5, etc. will help you.
2. b) Methodology: What did you do to collect your data? Why did you choose these two ways?
3. c) Findings and Discussion:What have you found?Provide evidence.
3. 3) Conclusion
a) Conclusions:Recommendations for your corporation;
b) Your contribution to the research process;THAT IS IT.

The coca cola company - Corporate reputation presentation

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