Healthcare jobs - Accelerated Medical school program

4-6 pages (MLA formatted), using at least 2 peer-reviewed sources and 2 news sources PLEASE INCLUDE ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY 6 sources AND PROVIDE IT BY 3/20- paper only needs 4 sources due: 14 days

What I have so far (focus on these please) Of all the growing careers in the US, the number one job that has always remained high in the list of best healthcare jobs has been the Physician Assistant pathway, trumping dentists and even doctors.

However, the problem lies in the fact that an astounding number of patients and the community are not educated on the role of Physician Assistant (PAs) as healthcare providers and always request for doctors because of their title and more years of medical school.

Another common misconception is that PAs are like medical assistants which is completely false accusation because PAs fulfill the same prerequisites before applying to their Schools of Medicine.

Like doctors, PAs major in Biology or the sciences to fulfill those prerequisites for PA school. The public needs to become more educated on how PA schools follow the medical model of medical schools C

Its basically like an accelerated medical school program. Grading Criteria for Paper on last page of slides.

Healthcare jobs - Accelerated Medical school program

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