The movie Dolphin Tale - A Thematic review Essay

The essay is over the movie Dolphin Tale After you have watched the movie, I want you to write a thematic review.

It's not just a summary of the movie or an opinion paper. It's a combination. Use the following format:Introduction (0-10 points)

Address the following questions: what are the main concepts of the movie; how does the movie relate to what we have covered in class; what are the theoretical and practical implications of the movie.

What are your 3 or 4 main topics/points that you will cover?Content (0-20 points)Give a brief summary of the movie.

Answer the following questions within this section:Accuracy - Does the movie portray the disability accurately?

Allusions - Does the movie go off and portray disabilities as stereotypes?

Message - What is the take way message of the movie? Is it to entertain? Tell a story? Get you to think socially?

Interest - Does the movie create situations that are interesting?

Conclusion (0-10 points)Now is the time to add your two cents. What are your feelings after watching the movie?

Did they change? Discuss your feelings. Would you recommend to others?

The movie Dolphin Tale - A Thematic review Essay

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