Proposal for Intervention and Implementation plan related to diabetes.

Use a provided template to develop a 3 page proposal for an intervention and implementation plan related to diabetes.

You will be designing and planning the implementation for the intervention to improve the health problem (diabetes). You will also examine implications of inter professional collaboration, technology, and organizational and governmental policies for your intervention and implementation plans.

Instructions Having identified a health problem relevant to your current or future nursing practice and reviewed the literature to support nursing standards, decision making, and improvement strategies, you should now plan an intervention to address the chosen health problem based on the research you conducted.

Construct a plausible plan that leverages the best practices and research collected to date as well as additional research into similar projects that you find in the literature.

Incorporate relevant site-specific processes and policies into your implementation plan.Use the Plan Proposal Template to complete this assessment.As you develop your plan, PLEASE be sure to address the following:Collaboration and communication with patients and colleagues to improve health outcomes.

Governmental or organizational policies that could affect the plan.
Quality and safety improvement strategies.

Technology at the site that could be leveraged.Comments from Customer
Helpful resources for this paper:
Groomes, D. A. G., Vandergoot, D., Shoemaker, M., & Collins, S. W. (2015). Excellence is within your reach: The importance of planning for performance in the state-federal vocational rehabilitation program. Journal of Rehabilitation, 81(2), 3946.

Julian, D. A., Smith, T., & Hunt, R. A. (2017). Ethical challenges inherent in the evaluation of an American Indian/Alaskan Native Circles of Care project. American Journal of Community Psychology, 60(3), 336345.
Soltis, T. M., Milner, K. A., & Buonocore, D. (2018). Transitions in care from acute care telemetry unit to home: An evidence-based quality improvement project. Critical Care Nurse, 38(5), 7780.

Change Leadership
The leadership and change management approaches used in Britain's NHS could help you find leadership and collaboration techniques to apply to your intervention and implementation plans:Lumbers, M. (2018). Approaches to leadership and managing change in the NHS. British Journal of Nursing, 27(10), 554558.

Business Planning
This how-to article may give you some useful ideas on how to frame the business and cost-reduction benefits of your intervention:Carter, H. (2017). How to write a robust business case for service development. Nursing Times, 113(7), 2528. Retrieved from https://www.nursingtimes.net/roles/specialist-nurses/how-to-write-a-robust-business-case-for-service-development/7018842.articlePlease use peer reviewed articles. no older than 5 years.

Proposal for Intervention and Implementation plan related to diabetes.

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