Government subsidies - Method for Government to manipulate free market

Please use reliable U.S. references
Government subsidies are a method for the government to manipulate the free market to a desired state.The government subsidies provide taxpayer dollars to people and companies for either producing (or not producing) products.Evaluate the impact of subsidies in the farming industry.

Write a paper that analyzes the impact of government subsidies in the farming industry.Please address the items below:Explain why the U.S. government subsidizes the corn industry.

What methods does the U.S. government use to subsidize the corn industry?
Describe how the subsidy alters the market outcome (address issues like the production possibility curve, quantity supplied and demanded and price).
Explain who gains and who loses from the government intervention in the corn industry.

Research what other countries do to support their corn industry.How does this impact the U.S. corn market if the subsidies didnít exist?
Explain why you think the subsidy is or is not justified.

Government subsidies - Method for Government to manipulate free market

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