(Azonto) - Issues/conflicts/dilemmas/attitudes/behaviors related to dance

For the research proposal

1. First, introduce your topic (Azonto) and the issues/conflicts/dilemmas/attitudes/behaviors related to dance or ethnography that will be the basis for your research. Include:

• The dance form(s) you choose to investigate

• The people who participate in this dance form in a meaningful way (e.g. person(s) who participate in the tradition, create the dances, perform them, direct the performances, teach in the dance schools, take the classes, etc. depending on your project choice).

• Your knowledge about or association with this form

• Possible issues you would like to explore through this dance form

2. Next, set up the research question: Example: Where did the dance Azonto originate from and the time period?

3. Then discuss the question and turn it into a clear, bolded working thesis statement that will be the focal point of your final research project: (I will submit information for the final project shortly)

(Azonto) - Issues/conflicts/dilemmas/attitudes/behaviors related to dance

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